Friday, March 30, 2012

Won't You Help Me Sing These Songs of Freedom?

One week from tonight, we'll be sitting down to our sedarim, reliving the moment of redemption as though we ourselves were experiencing it.

And in many ways, it's not a stretch of the imagination.  Though we likely have not known (fortunately) the physical constraints of being in bondage, we certainly have known what it is like to be redeemed.  As Dan Nichols sings, "We all need to know redemption from a hand stronger than our own."

It is human nature to make mistakes.  And it is in the nature of God to accept us back in love when we seek to atone for those mistakes.  Time and again, we are found meritorious of God's blessing--if not through our own actions, then through zchut avoteinu v'imoteinu, the merits of our ancestors.  God offers us redemption from our foibles and errors so that we may learn from our missteps and try to grow from them.  Thus, "By the hand of the Almighty/ We forward in this generation/ Triumphantly."

So, won't you help me sing these songs of freedom?

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